Truth About Strength Training

The ultimate fitness insider reveals…

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Everything you’ve been told about strength training is wrong. From the exercises you’re supposed to do to the type of diet you have to follow and the amount of cardio you need to see your abs. It’s all a myth!

You’ve been lied to!

By your friends. By your gym. By the Internet. And by the fitness industry at large. You’ve taken bad advice from dubious sources that had their own agenda, and being kept from the TRUTH has kept YOU from reaching your goals.

How do I know? Because I’ve seen, examined, and tested just about everything the world of strength and conditioning has had to offer over the past 10 years, and most of it is a load of crap.

And who the hell am I To Say This?

I’m Sean Hyson.

I’m the Training Director at Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness, two of the oldest and most influential fitness magazines on the market, which collectively reach over 14 MILLION people per month worldwide. I’m a former fitness editor of Muscle & Fitness Hers and Sly, Sylvester Stallone’s fitness magazine. I also wrote 101 Best Workouts Of All Time, an best-seller that’s sold more than 12,000 copies to date, and I’m an adviser to (yes, as in THE Schwarzenegger).

Fitness Mags

I know all the workouts and diets out there, and it’s been my job for the past decade to bring only the best information to light.

“But, Sean,” you say. “I’ve read fitness magazines in the past, and they’ve gotten me nowhere. They’ll print anything.”

Well, I won’t.

I scrutinize everything that goes into the articles I work on, and that’s how I got to the position I’m in. I’ve interviewed every strength coach and nutritionist you’ve ever heard of, pored over their workouts and diets, and picked apart all of their programs. I’ve lost sleep comparing, contrasting, and testing what everybody in the fitness world has to offer. Because if any training or nutrition plan is going into an article or a magazine with MY name on it, I want to be DAMN SURE it does what it says it will.

That’s why I reject 90% of the products, programs, and articles I get pitched every month. They just don’t meet the standard I want to uphold for readers. And you know what’s REALLY DISTURBING? Most of these pitches come from names you know—so-called “authorities” in the fitness industry.

I’ve learned—THE HARD WAY—what works to build muscle and shed fat for the average, everyday guy who isn’t a genetic freak or taking enough steroids to kill a horse. I know what people with regular jobs—who lead normal lives and don’t have hours to train—need to do to see fast results.

These are the hard TRUTHS about strength training you MUST know before you touch another weight…


  • You don’t need a fancy, complicated program to get strong — you can build more muscle with one simple plan that will ALWAYS work.
  • Low-carb diets are NOT necessary to lose fat — you can enjoy normal meals with TONS of carbs and still get ripped!
  • A workout doesn’t need to HAMMER a body part to make it grow — short, low-volume workouts help you see bigger gains and get you out of the gym sooner.
  • Cardio does NOT get you lean — FACT: research shows it’s practically useless for losing weight, so you can save time by not doing it AT ALL!
  • You don’t need a “post-workout shake” to build muscle — you can save money with a cheaper, easier, way to jumpstart recovery.
  • A “big, compound movement” is not the best way to begin a workout — a lighter, easier exercise lets you get stronger and avoid injury.
  • Eating everything in sight is not a must for skinny guys — you can get the calories you need with normal portions of food and one simple cooking tip so you don’t have to stuff your face all day.
  • “Fat-burning workouts” don’t really exist — you can train at an easier pace and lose fat without risking muscle loss, which is the downfall of high-rep, light-weight circuits.
  • Cycling your food intake depending on whether it’s a “training day” or an “off day” is totally unnecessary — you can follow one simple diet to make planning and prepping your meals quick and easy.
  • You don’t have to break records on EVERY lift to make them effective — there’s a safer, more sustainable way to build muscle that keeps your joints healthy and allows you to build muscle even as you get older.

I know these truths to be FACT because they’re the common links between all the methods I’ve seen that DO work, and because I’ve used them on my own clients—real people just like you.

Let me introduce you to Keith and Tyler, two guys with busy lives who aren’t genetic freaks but followed my program to the letter.

“I gained 2 inches on my chest…”

“I gained two inches on my chest, one inch on my shoulders, and three-quarters of an inch on my arms while my waist stayed the same! I put 40 pounds on my deadlift and 20 on my bench in 12 weeks.

“Before your program I followed a low-carb diet and my physique never changed. When I embraced carbs like you suggested, my physique finally improved! Sean, I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and expertise. You stuck with me 100% of the way.”

Keith F., Arlington, Va. Orthopedic Surgical Sales Rep

Keith F

“I got to 9% body fat and put 65 POUNDS on my deadlift…”

“Despite being in a calorie deficit, I beat all my old maxes. I went from 193 to 178 pounds in 12 weeks. I got to 9% body fat and put 30 pounds on my squat and an incredible 65 pounds on my deadlift, finally hitting 405 pounds. I cannot say enough how pleased I am with the results. And I did no cardio whatsoever other than trying to walk around as much as possible on the weekends!”

Tyler S., Ocean Isle Beach, N.C.
High School Baseball Coach

Tyler S

But I never ask my clients to do anything I wouldn’t do myself. Look, I’ve been training for 15 years. I tried everything out there to transform myself from a scrawny, wimpy teenager into the kind of strong, powerful man I wanted to be. I wasted thousands of dollars on supplements that didn’t work and followed many workouts by pro bodybuilders that only made me sore. I was getting nowhere.

I’m so passionate about building muscle and strength—some say “obsessed”—that I ultimately made my career in fitness journalism just so I could get paid to learn everything I could about what it takes to get bigger, stronger, and leaner. I wanted to find out the TRUTH about what works so I could change my body and help people like me change theirs.

Over years of trial and error, I’ve built and lost muscle and shed and gained fat too many times to count. But when I finally started applying all the GOOD ideas I came across through my work as a fitness editor, I achieved the BEST RESULTS OF MY LIFE.

I’m My Own Guinea Pig

Sean Front

And I did it in just 10 weeks. I lost almost 30 pounds while gaining muscle and improving my lifts.

Think I’m some kind of genetic freak?? That it’s somehow easy for me to get lean and muscular? Think again.

Billy Idol

That’s how I looked senior year of high school (to the right) standing 6’4″ and a whopping 160 pounds. (My hair, thankfully, only looked like that for one night—I dressed up as Billy Idol for a lip sync contest.)

Trust me, my genetics are average—at best—for building muscle. I had to eat and earn my way to every solid pound.

I did it…

  • Eating 300 grams of carbs a day, proving that CARBS DON’T MAKE YOU FAT
  • Without following any crazy “fat-loss circuits” or doing any HIIT workouts that make you puke. That kind of training is unnecessary and can even be harmful!
  • While still making time to see friends and have a life outside the gym

Honestly, if it were a complicated process, I couldn’t have done it. If the diet were very restrictive, I couldn’t have done it. Like you, I have a busy life with a demanding job and other interests that take up time. I needed a simple program that I could follow without getting bored or going crazy. I boiled everything I know about what really works for building muscle, gaining strength, and losing fat into one 12-week program, and I’d like to share it with you.

I’m pleased to announce the arrival of
The Truth About Strength Training

The Truth About Strength Training

Here’s What You’re Getting:

  • A 12-week workout program, consisting of 4 workout days per week, that’s equally effective whether your goal is muscle gain or maximum fat loss (INCLUDES photos and complete exercise descriptions)
  • Focus on the three main strength lifts—the squat, bench press, and deadlift—so you can set personal records and hit big numbers that impress people and make you proud. Never be shy when someone asks you “What do you bench?” again!
  • A completely CUSTOMIZABLE diet for muscle gain and fat loss (you CHOOSE which your main priority is). It includes ALL major food groups and PLENTY of carbs (SAMPLE MEAL PLANS too)
  • The ONE TRICK you need to use to prevent injury and get more out of your workouts so you don’t let getting hurt stop you from reaching your goals
  • Strategies for eating MORE for hard-gainers who “can’t” gain weight, allowing skinny guys to get the calories they need without force-feeding or indigestion
  • Strategies to BREAK DIET PLATEAUS for those who “can’t” lose weight, so you can finally see your abs and get the definition you want
  • An easy guide to pre- and post-workout nutrition that will save you money and net you big gains
  • 84 total pages of text, including lists of “things that don’t matter” about training and nutrition, “things that do matter”, and explanations of all the methods that work.

Let me introduce you to three more people who have used the program and made exceptional progress.

“Sean helped me marry the training to the nutrition and achieve what I never did before…”

I applied for Sean’s 90-day transformation after several years of training with no real results to show for it. I’ve tried more programs and diets than I can remember. Either my workouts were good and my diet was poor or vice versa. I never managed to get the two parts synced up.

Sean’s 90-day program helped me get it together and get great results in a short amount of time.

The workouts were great—challenging but without leaving me feeling destroyed. The diet was simple to follow and not restrictive at all.

I learned a lot about my body. But the best part for me was having Sean on hand to answer all my questions when I needed it. He helped me marry the training to the nutrition and achieve what I never did before.

I can’t thank him enough.

Mark C., Whitby, North Yorkshire, England Personal Trainer

Mark C

“I followed this to a tee and there was no need to do any extra…”

Before The Truth About Strength Training program I was going to the gym with no real focus and not really enjoying what I was doing. It took me only one session with Sean’s program to get the fire back—I was looking forward to training again and I conquered some of my old PR’s within 2 weeks!

Sean really took time to carefully structure each phase of the plan to maximize the best possible outcome. I followed it to a tee and there was no need to do any extra! That helped my recovery and I put over 20 pounds on each of my lifts. The program was enjoyable, it didn’t rule my life, and it got me a lot stronger.

Caino P., Melbourne, AustraliaElectrician

Caino P

Liz Lowe

And yes, it works for women too!

“There is NO HYPE involved…”

As a strength coach, fitness model, and former Division 1 track athlete, I can honestly say that the workouts and information in The Truth About Strength Training have gotten me amazing results and will do the same for you.

Having trained athletes from the high school to the professional level, fitness models, bikini and figure competitors, and the everyday person who wants to be fit; I have seen a lot of workout programs. The Truth About Strength Training is a REAL program that will get you REAL results. There is no hype involved and it’s not about the newest fitness fad.

The information about nutrition, the workouts, and the fitness tips are ones that have been tried and tested by strength coaches and fitness professionals for years. Finally, someone has compiled these proven methods and put them in an easy to understand format. Not only will you get amazing results with this program, you will understand why you are doing every exercise.

Liz Lowe, C.S.C.S
Manager/Program Designer of Ignite 360 for IMG Academy

Pick up The Truth About Strength Training NOW

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I’m also offering two FREE BONUS books as companions to the main e-book. These are…

BONUS #1: The 25 Fitness FAQ’sFinal answers to the most confusing questions about
training and nutrition.
25 Fitness FAQ's

Every coach, website, and branded fitness program seems to offer a different answer to even the most basic questions that come up when you want to change your body. Which answer is right for you? The 25 Fitness FAQ’s covers all the major topics and then some, including:

  • How should I train when I’m traveling and can’t get to a good gym?
  • How can I increase my pushups?
  • How should I begin training again after a layoff?
  • How can I work around an injured shoulder/wrist/back/knee?
  • Which protein powder should I buy?
  • What are the best ab exercises?

Total Value: $20.00

The 25 Fitness FAQ’s was compiled from real questions I get all the time from subscribers to my newsletter. And to make sure I answered them as accurately and thoroughly as possible, I interviewed several of the best trainers in the world—so you’re not just getting one man’s opinion, but an expert consensus.

NEVER be confused about what to do in the gym or how to eat again!

BONUS #2: How To Get The Body Of A Fitness Model Q&A with Chris Ryan, Ryan Munsey, and Greg Plitt on training, nutrition, the success mindset, and how to become a fitness model.
Fitness Model

If you’ve ever looked at a fitness magazine and wanted to know how the ripped guy on the cover got that body or that job, now you can find out. How To Get The Body Of A Fitness Model contains a Q&A with three successful models—including the world famous Greg Plitt, who’s appeared on more than 250 magazine covers.

Discover the secrets of how they eat, train, and live, including:

  • The misconceptions about what it takes to have a cover-worthy body
  • How to eat when you don’t have healthy options
  • Tips on tracking portion sizes and macros without writing anything down
  • How to make junk food work for you
  • How to break into the modeling business
  • The seven-day guide to getting the hard, dry look for photos or the beach
  • Advice on drinking and staying lean
  • How to achieve goals
  • A method for improving mental toughness
  • How to bring up a weak body part

Total Value: $20.00

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for $19.99.

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The Truth About Strength Training

For less than $20, you can have a complete 12-week diet and exercise program that most trainers would charge hundreds for, PLUS two bonus books chock full of expert tips and tricks for building a better body under any circumstances. It’s an UNBEATABLE value and the best money you’ll ever spend on a workout.

I believe in this program so much that I’ll give you six months to make staggering progress with it. I’ll even let you go through the program TWICE. If your friends aren’t complimenting you on how great your body looks and you’re not setting HUGE PR’s on your lifts after the first 90 days, send me your workout journal and I will PERSONALLY review it and troubleshoot it to get you the results you want. I will make whatever tweaks are needed to customize the program to your needs.

If at that point you still haven’t made jaw-dropping progress toward your goals, I will give you your money back. You can email me directly at I read EVERY email that goes to that inbox—they don’t get filtered through an assistant or a helpdesk—and I will refund your money within 24 hours.

Believe me, the answer you’ve been looking for is here.

The lessons you learn in The Truth About Strength Training will show you how to build muscle and stay lean for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. They worked for me, and for my clients, and they’ll work for everybody. Including YOU!

Don’t waste any more money. Don’t waste any more time. Pick up The Truth About Strength Training and FINALLY change your body.

Let me help you.

Sean Hyson
Training Director for Men’s Fitness, Muscle&Fitness
Fitness editor at large

Total Value: $70.00
Now just $19.99!

Money Back Guarantee Seal

“Follow this program to the letter”

Reading this manual and the accompanying workouts made me feel like a proud big brother. I met Sean many moons ago when he was skinny, weak, and pretty clueless about real training. Since that day he has immersed himself in all things strength. He’s learned from all the masters. He’s trained under or with the top trainers in the world. And he came out the other side with an extra 50+ pounds of hard-earned muscle. But the knowledge he’s acquired and the ability to now create brutally effective programs on his own is what is most impressive to me. Follow this program to the letter and you’ll get results.

Jason Ferruggia
Strength coach. Author, The Renegade Diet.

Jason Ferruggia

“Sean has worked with every major player in the game…”

Sean’s tagline is “fitness distilled”, and that’s the perfect description of this book. He cuts through the complication and fluff of the fitness industry and gets down to what really works—straightforward yet comprehensive training programs, and effective yet flexible diet programs. Sean has worked with every major player in the game, and he has taken all of that knowledge, hacked away the unessential, and narrowed it down to some key, core principles that get the physique job done. It’s a fantastic resource.

Nate Miyaki, C.S.S.N.
Trainer and nutrition coach. Author, Feast Your Fat Aways

“The training program is simple, well thought out, and effective…”

The Truth About Strength Training contains exactly that—the TRUTH. Sean has broken down and demystified all of the unnecessary complexities of training and written a book that you can use as a plug and play training and nutrition solution.

Sean has used his years of experience in the fitness industry and access to some of the best coaches in the world to simplify what many complicate. The training program is simple, well thought out, and effective. The nutrition guidelines look so simple that they will not work. It can’t be this easy, and yet it is.

Sean has taken what a lot of us coaches already know and set you up with a bulletproof plan to achieve your goals. This book may put a serious dent in my revenue. Buy it anyway!

CJ Murphy, M.F.S.
Elite powerlifter, strongman. Owner, Total Performance Sports, Everett, Mass.

“The 12-week program shows you exactly how to do it…”

I love The Truth About Strength Training. First off, Hyson is a brilliant fitness editor. His ability to stay on the cutting edge of the fitness industry and expose the overcomplicated fads and gimmicks while getting to the core of what really works to build muscle and get stronger is why the most respected coaches in the industry trust him.

In this book, he details the ‘things that don’t matter’, and then digs into the often overlooked nutritional aspect of building muscle, showing you how to quickly and effectively reach your fitness goals. Finally, he provides you with a 12-week program showing you exactly how to do it. This book is a must-have for every lifter who loves to train and get after it in the gym.

Jim Smith, C.S.C.S.
Co-author, Strength: Barbell Training Essentials. Owner, Diesel Strength and Conditioning.

“Sean hit a home run…”

Sean Hyson cut out the BS and hit a home run with The Truth About Strength Training. He has provided an amazing A-Z guide on getting you in the best shape of your life in an easy to follow format.

Chris Ryan
Fitness cover model, trainer

Chris Ryan

NOTE: The Truth About Strength Training published by Sean Hyson is a completely downloadable eBook. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer. The format for all manuals, workbooks, checklists, etc, is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

Required Legal Disclaimer: Due to recent laws from the FTC, it is required that all companies identify what a "typical" result is. The truth is that getting results requires consistency in your training, a good nutrition plan, and a change in your lifestyle. The testimonials you see on this page are real and examples of our best results and are not typical. They were consistent and followed the workouts to the letter.

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